How to Get Credit Card Applications by Mail

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While some people are annoyed by the constant influx of credit card applications that come in the mail, others eagerly await the opportunity to peruse a new offer. Many credit card companies allow you to transfer balances at low rates so that you can save some money on your monthly bills (at least temporarily). A new business owner might use a new business credit card to help him establish and grow his business.

1 Make sure you are on the opt-in list to be contacted by third party advertisers with all three credit reporting bureaus

Make sure you are on the "opt-in" list to be contacted by third party advertisers with all three credit reporting bureaus. These agencies are a main reason why you receive credit card applications in the mail. They will pass your information on to credit card companies who will put you on a mailing list to receive offers. Contact your other financial services companies, like your mortgage provider, bank, and insurance company to opt-in to receive third party offers as well.

2 Improve your credit score

Improve your credit score. Credit card companies will most likely send offers to people who have good credit. 700 and above is considered a very good score according to the Federal Citizen Information Center (FCIC).

3 Pay down your balances

Pay down your balances on existing credit cards. The lower your balance to credit limit ratio (amount you owe divided by the credit limit) the higher the chance that you will be offered new cards. Make your credit card payments on time and in full each month as well.

4 Go

Go to or another similar site that allows you to browse credit card offers. Sign up for an account and fill out your online profile. Choose the option to be notified of credit card offers and enter information about your credit worthiness (fair, good, or excellent credit). Include your mailing address so that you can be contacted through the mail.

5 Are a business owner

Register as a business with the state if you are a business owner who plans to use the card for company needs. When you do this, credit card companies (as well as other third party advertisers) are notified of your new business status and you may begin to receive credit card applications in the mail.

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