A PIN can be added to a credit card

It is common for a debit card user to get a PIN (personal identification number) to access cash, but now some credit card companies offer this feature to allow a debtor to take a small loan from his credit card account as well. You can use the same credit card that you swipe for purchases at an ATM machine as long as you have a valid PIN from your creditor.

Log on to your credit card account or look at your last statement first. Review your credit card balance, cash available for withdrawal and your credit card company's policies regarding cash withdrawals. Learn the cash access fee and the rate associated with this type of transaction. The cash advance fee can be as high as 3 percent of the amount or $75.

Call your credit card company directly to request a PIN. The representative may review your account first to make sure it is in good standing before setting a PIN. Some creditors may allow you to request a PIN through your online credit card account as an option.

Wait for your PIN to arrive in the mail. Some credit card companies will grant you a temporary PIN (valid for a few days) in case you need to access the credit line immediately as you wait for the permanent PIN.


  • If you lose your credit card PIN you must repeat this process for a new one. A customer service representative cannot quote you your PIN over the phone.

    Do not use your credit card and PIN the same as you would a debit card. This activity will drive up your finance fees and make it more difficult to pay off your debt. Unlike debit cards, which are linked to your checking account, these credit card funds must be repaid like a loan, and sometimes at very high rates of interest.