A wall of post office boxes

Losing any key you need is inconvenient, especially if it’s not just one, but your whole set of keys: house, car, office and post office keys. But most keys are easily replaceable and don’t require much time or effort. Your post office box key is replaceable, though it does mean adding a trip to the post office to your to-do list and paying the fee the post office requires to replace it.

Visit your local post office where you have a post office box or that manages a post office owned mailbox for your street delivery service. Have your photo identification handy to verify your ownership when you arrive.

Inform the postal service employee that your post office box key is missing and you’d like to replace it. Provide your name, post office box number and your photo identification to the postal service employee validated by an acceptable identification, such as a government ID or driver's license.

Allow a few minutes for verification of your information. As you wait, the post office makes a new copy from the master key. The U.S. Postal Services charges a refundable key deposit, fees for duplicated or lost keys, or even higher fees when it has to initiate a lock change on a post office box or USPS-owned centralized mailbox unit. U.S. postal key fees periodically increase.


  • To avoid the higher cost of the post office fee for a lost key, make a couple of copies of your new key at the local hardware store and keep one someplace safe.

    Keep your post office keys on the key holder or chain for your vehicle. Keep two spares at home, also on key chains, in case you lose one.


  • Do not give your postal key to anyone else.