How to Fill an Address Form

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Filling out an address form is a common occurrence in most developed countries. While most people are used to doing this on a regular basis, others, especially those who have recently emigrated to the United States, may find the process a bit daunting and confusing. If you are having trouble understanding what the form is asking for, ask a friend or family member with a solid grasp on English to help you fill the form out.

1 Select the proper pen

Select the proper pen. Some forms require that you use blue or black ink, so make sure you read the directions carefully.

2 Begin to fill out the form

Begin to fill out the form. Typically in the United States, the name order is first name, middle name and last name (or surname or family name). Fill these out on the lines indicated.

3 Fill in your address

Fill in your address, which is usually the next step. In the United States, house number is first, followed by the name of the street. If you have an apartment number, this will go at the end of your street address, but on the same line. Sometimes, it will be referred to as "Apt."

4 Fill in your city and state information

Fill in your city and state information. Your zip code, otherwise known as postal code, is a five digit number following your state. Write down the country you are in for international proceedings. Some address forms will also ask for your telephone number. Include a phone number where you can be contacted locally.

5 Review the sheet for any errors

Review the sheet for any errors before handing it in. For a change of address form, you will need to provide information for both your previous (the house you are moving from) and current (or new) address.

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