How to Check Credits From My Former High School

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High school transcripts provide a record of every class taken and grade received in high school. They generally include a cumulative average of all grades called a grade point average. Transcripts also note whether or not a person graduated from high school. A transcript is most commonly used for proof of education when applying for college or a job. Make transcript requests directly through your high school, or through your state's Department of Education if your high school is no longer open.

Contact your high school. Call the office of your high school or send an email to determine the transcript request requirements. Some schools require you to provide information through a form; others accept written letters. Contact your state's Department of Education if your high school is no longer open.

Complete the request form or write a letter. Provide your information to the high school or Department of Education in the format requested. Schools typically require your name (and the name you used in high school, if different), your current address, the name of the school you attended, your Social Security number, your date of birth, the year you graduated or last attended the school, and your signature. The required information is the generally the same for requests filed with a school or with the state.

Send the request form or letter. Include the transcript request fee if the high school or state requires it. Expect to wait one to two weeks for a response from a school. Requests filed with a state Department of Education may take as many as four weeks to complete.

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