How to Address a Fax Cover Sheet to a Judge

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A judge is a respected government official, so whether you address her in person or in writing, you must use proper language. If you have a situation where you need to send a fax to a judge, it's important to ensure that the communication is very professional and appropriate. In addition to the letter, you have to address the fax cover sheet a certain way when you write it for a judge. The process is similar to how you would address an envelope you plan to mail.

1 Enter the judge's

Enter the judge's name in the "To" field on your fax cover sheet. Start by writing in "The Honorable."

2 Add the judge's full name

Add the judge's full name (first, last and middle initial) next. For instance, "The Honorable Sarah K. Smith."

3 Place a comma

Place a comma after the judge's name and then type in the name of the court she oversees, on the same line. For instance, "Appellate Division of the Superior Court of the State of Michigan." If your fax cover sheet has a space for "Company Name" enter this line in that space. You can find the official name of the judge's court and division by reviewing case documents or calling the court directly.

4 Enter the fax and phone number and of the judge's office

Enter the fax and phone number of the judge's office on the cover sheet. Complete all other details on the sheet, including the date, your name, your fax number, your phone number, the number of pages included and the subject of the fax.

5 Enter Dear Judge

Enter "Dear Judge" then the judge's last name as a greeting (in the earlier example, "Dear Judge Smith") if you plan to write a note at the bottom of the fax cover sheet. Add a comma after the greeting. Skip a line and proceed to write your message. If you do not plan to write a message, simply proceed to send your fax.

  • Some word processing programs offer fax cover sheet templates.

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