Make certain you truly want to be bound to a person you cast a binding love spell for.

When many people think of Wicca, they immediately think of casting spells. While not all Wiccans choose to do spell work, many do make it part of their routine and spirituality. One of the most often inquired about spells is actually the love spell. While, when used with the intent of nurturing and increasing the love in a relationship, they can be quite fulfilling, it should be noted that they be done with the greatest of discretion. If you are attempting to cast a binding love spell, much thought should be put into the fact that you truly want to be bound to this person. With binding yourself to this person, you must take the good and the bad; therefore, all of their traits should be taken into consideration. Many spells can be used to bind a person to you. This is a simple candle spell that is used for just such purposes.

Cast your circle, then take the parchment and on the first piece, write your own name. On the second piece of parchment, write the name of the individual that you wish to be bound to. On the third piece of paper, write both your name and the intended person’s name and place one circle around both of them.

Place one candle on the parchment that you have written your name on, to the left of you. Take the other tea light candle and place it on the parchment with the name of the individual who you wish to be bound to, and place it on your right. The third piece of paper, containing both of your names, should be placed in the center.

Light the first candle (on your left) and repeat these words “Burn bright, burn clear, burn true, heart of (your name).” Light the second candle (on your right) and repeat these words: “Burn bright, burn clear, burn true, heart of (the name of the one to be bound to you).” If you do spell work with an athame or wand, use the athame or wand (if you do not have these items, simply use your finger) to trace a figure eight around the candles. If you use this method, be sure to allow your figure eight to cross over the parchment that has both names written on it. As you make your figure eights, say the following words: “A binding of these two hearts, if it is meant to be, must come to pass.” Take a deep cleansing breath and repeat the figure eight saying these words: “Let no one and nothing, break this bond, of these two hearts.” Take another deep cleansing breath; repeat the figure eight, saying these words: “Let these two hearts beat as one, it is my will and so it shall be done.” After you have completed three passes of the figure eights, concentrate on the parchment that contains both of the names. See yourself with this person. Visualize them being your partner in your life, just you and this person.

Meditate on the situation, then take the candles and allow the tips of the candles to come together to combine the flames. Focus on the paper with both of the names written on it and repeat these words: “So transfer my will, my spell has been heard, As I will, so mote it be.” Take the parchment with both of your names written on it and burn it in the single flame of the two candles. Blow out the flame of the candles together. Close your circle, the spell is finished.