How to Use a Dreamcatcher

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Many mystical beliefs that are in existence today sprang from the Native American culture. The Native American people had, and have, a deep respect for the natural world and the interconnectedness that humans have with all other people, animals, and objects in our environment. Consequently, they created many myths that have stood the test of time. One such myth concerns a dream catcher. The Pueblo tribes believed that the spider was a goddess that spun all of creation into existence. Further, people are only one strand on her web, and we are connected to all the other strands that contain animals, plants, and spirits. The dream catcher is a symbol of her web and it is used to catch all your worries and nightmares during the night, enabling you to have a restful sleep. Here is how to use a dream catcher.

1 How to Use a Dreamcatcher

2 Buy a dream catcher

Buy a dream catcher. They come in both large and small sizes. Many department stores, as well as specialty shops, carry them.

3 Place it

Light an incense stick and place it in a holder.

4 Pass your dream catcher

Pass your dream catcher through the smoke of the incense saying, “I bless this in the name of Gaia.” (pronounced guya) This word means “earth.”

5 Decorate your dream catcher

Decorate your dream catcher with any Native American Charms of your choice. You may use natural bird’s feathers (that you’ve found outside) or gemstones as well as Native American charms. This imbues the dream catcher with your personal energy

6 Put your dream catcher

Put your dream catcher in a white cotton bag, and take it with you to the local park. Let it absorb all of the energies of nature.

7 Hang your dream catcher above your bed

Hang your dream catcher above your bed, far enough away from the wall to allow it to move freely.

8 Soon notice your worries

You should soon notice your worries fading and your dreams becoming more peaceful.

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