How to Cast a Full Moon Spell for Love

Rose petals can help you attract your true love.

Casting spells during or near the time of the full moon heightens the power of any spell. It is a great time for performing spells that attract things to you like money or a promotion at work. This spell will help bring love or a special someone into your life.

Write down all the characteristics you wish to attract in someone you want as a perfect match.

Hold the apple up to the Moon and say, "Lady Moon of sky above, grant my wish and send me love."

Take the knife and carve into the apple two hearts that touch one another.

Place the apple on the pink paper and sprinkle the rose petals over it.

Close up the sheet of paper, securing all the contents inside. Grab the red ribbon and tie the package, using a total of three knots. While you are making the knots, visualize on your wish to attract love.

Take the newly made package somewhere out in a natural setting, like the woods or your backyard, and leave it there. Bow to the moon a total of three times while you walk away. The spell is done.

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