Stop Black Magic Spells

Black magic is a practice that draws on malevolent powers to cause harm. This includes putting a curse on someone. If someone has cursed you or a loved one, a breaking spell can be used to weaken the power of the curse and, temporarily, the power of the person who cast it. If you have experience with witchcraft, you may perform this spell on your own. If not, you may prefer to seek the help of an experienced practitioner.

Perform this spell on the first night of a waxing moon.

Write the full name and birth date of the person who cast the black magic spell on a strip of paper with a black pen. If you do not know the birth date of the person, just write the name.

Cut out a square of black fabric about the size of your hand and place it in front of you.

Put the strip of paper in the middle of the fabric square.

Place each of the herbs curry, dill, vervain and ginger on top of the paper. Curry, dill and ginger can all be found in the spice section at a grocery store, but you may need to visit an herb shop or natural remedies store to find vervain.

Light the consecrated black candle and drip 10 drops of wax onto the herbs and paper.

Tie nine separate knots along a piece of black string.

Tie the cloth shut with the knotted string, forming a pouch with the herbs, paper and wax inside. As you do so, speak the name of the person who cast the black magic spell three times and visualize her face.

Bury the bag on the property of the person who cast the black magic spell.

Dig up the bag on the night of the next waxing moon and burn everything inside.

Things Needed

  • ['Black cloth', 'Black ink pen', '1 tbsp. curry', '1 tbsp. dill', '1 tbsp. vervain', '1 tbsp. powdered ginger', 'Consecrated black candle', 'Black string, knotted nine times']


  • Only perform this breaking spell if you are sure you know who cursed you. You could be harming an innocent person if you get it wrong.