How to Make a Magical Talisman

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A magical talisman is more than a neat-looking mystical decoration. It is a tool designed to accomplish a specific task. The better you define the task and the more effort you put into creating your talisman, the better it will work. Plan out every step of your ritual so you don't have to improvise when you enchant the talisman.

1 Decide you

Decide what you want your magic talisman to accomplish. A talisman should be designed for something specific, and the more specific the better. People make talismans to help them find parking or negotiate traffic, to draw in love or money, to reconcile with a particular person or even to help with a job search.

2 Gather materials

Gather materials that correspond to the purpose of your talisman. For example, if you want to make a talisman to help you negotiate traffic or drive safely, gather dirt from the roads you drive on your commute. If you want to reconcile with a friend, get a picture of that person or something he has touched. You can also take photographs of a particular object or record a voice as a way of magically "capturing" it to use in making your talisman.

3 Create a runic symbol to enchant your talisman

Create a runic symbol to enchant your talisman. First write out a message stating what the talisman should do, such as "I will get a job at Schmekel Industries." Then, remove all the vowels. Take every third letter and rearrange the letters until they make an abstract image that doesn't look like the original statement. Draw the rune on a cloth pouch.

4 Have a ritual

Have a ritual. One way to do this is to surround yourself with a circle of candles and invoke whatever God or gods you believe in.

5 Concentrate on the rune

Concentrate on the rune until everything else fades away. You should not concentrate on what you want the rune to do. Instead, blank your mind, stare at the rune and let your unconscious mind invoke it. When everything else has disappeared and you have completely focused on the rune, spit on the rune, close the pouch, laugh hysterically or do some other predetermined action to symbolize casting the spell.

6 Thank any forces

Thank any forces you have invoked for overseeing your ritual. Blow out your candles, clean up and do something relaxing. Carry the talisman with you whenever you need it.

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