How to Use a Reversing Candle

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Reversing candles are candles which are used to reverse spells. They are comprised of two layers of wax in which the inner layer is red and the outer layer is black. They are used to return evil, curses, and negative energy to the sender. As the candle burns, the red wax melts down on the black wax. This action symbolizes the overcoming of evil or the complete removal of evil. Reversing candles may vary in shapes and sizes according to the user.

1 Cut the wick off

Cut the wick off at the top end of the candle using the knife.

2 Turn the candle

Turn the candle upside down and carve a new tip on this end. Carve outwards at an angle until the bottom becomes tapered and the wick is visible. Rub some reversing oil, or olive oil, on the candle.

3 Carve the enemy s on the candle with the knife

Carve the enemy’s name on the candle with the knife. Do this in a reverse manner, as it would appear if you were looking at it in a mirror. If the name of the enemy is unknown, carve a short phrase of intent onto the candle; this should not be in reverse.

4 Place the mirror on a desk or table

Place the mirror on a desk or table. If you have a picture of the person who cast the spell you wish to reverse, write a petition with your intent on the back of the picture and place it face down on the mirror.

5 Place the candle in a candle holder

Place the candle in a candle holder, then place the holder on the mirror or foil. Place it on top of the picture (if you are using one).

6 Light the candle

Light the candle. Pray over the candle and visualize your intentions and desires. Anoint the candle with reversing oil.

7 Be reflected back to the sender

Pray that the evil may be reflected back to the sender while concentrating on your desires.

8 Let the candle

Let the candle burn until it goes out by itself.

9 Take the materials

Take the materials and place them in the trash bag after the ritual is finished. Dispose of everything away from your home by throwing it in a dumpster or burying it near a crossroads. According to the article "Hoodoo in Theory and Practice" by Catherine Yronwode, crossroads are considered to be a magically charged place by many cultures around the world.

10 Clean the knife

Clean the knife, candle holder and mirror thoroughly. If you wish, you may perform a short cleansing ritual to remove any energies still on the objects. Do this by filling a small bowl with water and several pinches of salt. Lightly sprinkle the objects with the salt and water while focusing on the cleansing abilities of these elements. Visualize the objects as perfectly clean of all energy and like new.

Darby Stevenson began writing in 1997 for his high-school newspaper, the "Alsea Valley Voice," which won him statewide awards for Best Feature Article and Best Personality Interview. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in international studies and a Bachelor of Arts in religious studies from the University of Oregon.