How to Activate Quartz Crystals

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Quartz crystals are used for many spiritual purposes, such as healing and energy cleansing. You can look at activating a quartz crystal as imbuing it with your energy or the energy of a particular aspect (such as moon rays or sun rays). Once you have activated a quartz crystal, you can always impart new energy to it. This initial activation is simply awakening the crystal to your energy and purpose.

Cleanse the quartz of any unwanted energy it may have picked up (through prior owners or just during its lifetime) by smudging it with sage or other suitable herbs; recommends using lavender or mugwort, if you don’t use sage. Look for bundled sage at New Age or metaphysical stores. Light one end of the bundled sticks of sage and waft the smoke over the crystal. Lift the crystal up from wherever it rests so you can waft the smoke over all sides. There is no need to say anything, unless you wish to do so. Just let the smoke do the work.

Hold the quartz crystal in your hand. Concentrate on your intention. For example, if you wish to use the quartz for healing a specific problem, keep that idea in your mind.

Place the crystal on a soft cloth in a place where it will receive moonlight overnight or sunlight all day. You can also imbue it with rays of both moonlight and sunlight. It depends largely on what your purpose for the quartz is and your belief system.

Place the quartz under your pillow for at least one night. You may choose to sleep with it several nights. You should be able to sense intuitively when the quartz has been activated with the energy you wish.