How to Make a Wish Potion or Spell

Anyone can do magic.

Magic, prayer, and wishes all have one thing in common; they are all a focus of hope. When someone prays or makes a magic potion or spell they are doing the same thing that they do when they wish on the first night star, in fact, according to Judika Illes' book Element Encyclopedia of 1000 Spells this habit of waiting for the perfect moment at twilight to wish upon the first star is actually considered a powerful wish spell. Along with wishing on the first night star, there are spells to do with the moon, frankincense, the sea, and even a simple red candle.

Obtain your Van Van oil. This oil is made of five different essential oils. If you cannot find it, simply use another oil that is associated with luck or is very special to you. The exact ingredient isn't as important in magic as your belief in it.

Prepare for your wish. Make sure you have a nice comfortable place to sit, without being disturbed, preferably outside.

Hold the candle in your hands and envision your wish coming true. Do your best to envision transferring your wish into the candle through your hands.

Carve something into the candle, possibly the entire wish if you have room. Just make sure it's something that means something to you, personalizing spells often makes them more powerful.

Dress the candle with your oil. This simply means to rub it onto the surface in a pattern of your choice. Use as little or much as you like.

Burn the candle and once again envision your wish coming true, if possible meditate while your candle burns.

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