How to Become a Pastor for Free

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There are different ways to become a pastor. Your path will depend on the state you live in, whether you want to be ordained, and your reasons for becoming a pastor. There are churches online that offer ordination for free. You will need to be ordained to perform weddings, baptisms, and other events. Becoming ordained does not qualify you to be a pastor at any church. Each church will have different standards and requirements for pastors.

1 Talk to your pastor

Talk to your pastor about your goal. He may be able to provide you with resources. Find out what requirements he fulfilled to become a pastor.

2 Enroll in a seminary school

Enroll in a seminary school. You may be able to find grants or scholarships that will allow you to attend college for free. This is the traditional path to become a pastor.

3 Become ordained online

Become ordained online. There are churches online such as the American Fellowship Church and Universal Life Church that will ordain you online for free.

4 Complete the online application

Complete the online application to become ordained. This will generally only include your name and address.

5 Print your ordination certificate

Print your ordination certificate once approved or order one online. With proof of your ordination, you can apply to become a pastor at churches. Some churches have internships or other positions available that will allow you to gain experience.

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