There are several reasons why you might have the calling to become an ordained minister. Perhaps you've had an epiphany and want to share it with others in an official capacity or maybe your sister is getting married and wants you to preside over her wedding. Regardless of the reason, if you live in Michigan, or wish to preside over ceremonies there, it's important to know the legal requirements to become an ordained minister in Michigan. This article lays out the steps required to attain that goal.

Becoming Ordained-A Simple Method

To become ordained and be able to perform wedding ceremonies in Michigan, you will need a written or printed document from a church. It doesn't have to be a local church, or even a physical one. Many people are instantly ordained on the Internet and print their certificates at home. At least through 2009, this practice is legal in Michigan. If you wish to become ordained online, you can search the Internet with keywords such as Universal Life Church, spiritual humanism, or Rose Ministries.

Follow the steps on the website. Some sites offer free ordination without obligation, while others require you to purchase a clergy package. The packages can range from a simple certificate and pocket credentials to an entire wedding business package with all the trimmings.

Depending on which online organization you use, either print your ordination certificate or wait for it to come in the mail. You are now a legally ordained minister in Michigan. It's that simple.


  • If you are hoping to establish a physical church and gain tax-free status, the procedures are more complex. In Michigan, you will need to establish yourself as the leader of a church with a physical place of worship and gather yourself a group of parishioners before applying for tax-exempt status.