How to Become a Legally Ordained Evangelist

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An evangelist by definition is a person who feels a strong call or belief that they need to be sharing stories about God with others on a regular basis. Becoming a legally ordained evangelist allows you to minister to people in places where those without credentials have a harder time gaining access to such as nursing homes, hospitals or various types of shelters. The fastest way to become a legally ordained evangelist is to apply through a church or ordination service that provides ordinations upon successfully completing the necessary paperwork.

Log onto the Internet and visit the different online ordination companies. Note that while many of them will provide you with ordination credentials, not all of them will provide you with the title “Ordained Evangelist.” The two organizations listed in the reference section of this article will both ordain you and provide you the title of “Ordained Evangelist,” although each company has a completely different set of ministerial beliefs and code of ethics. Be sure to choose an online ordination company that aligns most closely with your religious beliefs.

Fill out any applications necessary. Each organization is different in its approach, but the application may also include an order form to request credentials proving you are a legally ordained evangelist. The costs can run from approximately $15.00 to $120.00 to receive items such as an ordination certificate, a wallet ID card and more. You’ll pick the title “Evangelist” when ordering your credentials. For companies that provide online ordinations, you do not need to have any previous evangelism or pastoral experience and there is no educational or other previous work environment. You must be over 18 years of age and, depending on the organization, agree to the website terms and agreements and/or agree to the organization's code of ethics or statement of religious beliefs. Other than that, there are no other requirements to become a legally ordained evangelist through these organizations.

Take advantage of any free or low-cost training the organization might offer that will help you increase your evangelism skills, such as classes on public speaking, scripture and evangelism etiquette.

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