How to Become a Texas Paraprofessional Teacher's Aide

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A Texas paraprofessional teacher's aide helps the classroom teacher with her job duties. The teacher’s aid has a very important role, and she may perform certain duties such as grading papers and tests, keeping track of the class attendance, making copies of materials, filing documents and assisting students with their academic needs. There are a few credentials that you need before you can become a Texas paraprofessional teacher’s aide.

  • High school diploma or GED certificate
  • Paraprofessional certification

1 Meet the minimum educational requirements

Meet the minimum educational requirements for this position. In order to become a Texas paraprofessional teacher’s aide, you must first have a high school diploma or GED certificate. In addition to having a high school education, you may also need up to 48 college credit hours in subject areas, such as English, mathematics, reading, child growth and development and other relevant areas. You may even choose to earn an educational paraprofessional associate's degree to better prepare you for your role as a teacher’s aide.

2 Obtain an adequate amount

Obtain an adequate amount of work experience. Many school districts in Texas require you to have experience working with students. You can gain this experience by working at a licensed day-care center, private school, church school, day camp or working for a youth group. Be sure to verify with the school district the amount of work experience you actually need for this position (not all school districts require the same amount of prior work experience).

3 Take the appropriate screening test

Take the appropriate screening test. You must pass the required competency examination (Paraprofessional’s Assessment of Competencies Test) before you can become a Texas paraprofessional teacher’s aide. This assessment determines whether or not you possess the necessary reading, writing and mathematical skills to do well in this position. Be sure to check with that school district’s human resources department for more information about this test.

4 Receive the mandatory certification

Receive the mandatory certification needed for this position. All school districts in the state of Texas require you to have a valid paraprofessional certification. This certification is awarded through the State Board for Educator Certification.

5 Apply for vacant positions

Apply for vacant positions at the school district of your choice. Be sure to include a current resume and a copy of your college transcript and paraprofessional certification information with your application.

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