How to Become a Jesuit Priest. Religion drives the course of many lives. This is particularly true in the life of a Jesuit priest. Many young men make the decision to pursue this long standing fraternal order. The process can be intimidating, but with some soul searching and research, many young men may know what to expect. Becoming a Jesuit priest is one of the most important decisions that a man can make.

Meet a Jesuit priest. It is important to hear it directly from the source. Have several informal conversations with trusted members of the fraternal order. Ask honest questions and expect objective answers that may or may not meet expectations. This is an integral part of the learning process.

Be a male and a member of the Catholic faith. This order does not accept women. It is designed to be a brotherhood of like-minded individuals in search of a better world.

Complete the levels of study required in the education program. It takes anywhere from seven to 11 years to become a Jesuit priest. A young man starts out in the Associate program and moves on to Novitate, Regency and then the Graduate program. After that, the Tertianship starts. From then a priest will take Final Vows.

Feel a bond of brotherhood and personal commitment to serve God. The ultimate goal of any Jesuit is to pursue a life a ministry that serves the betterment of man and a knowledge of Jesus. Before embarking of a life-altering move of this type, a young man should be sure of his desire to serve.