Penning a letter helps support the troops.

Those serving in the military are often deployed far from home. Letters that remind them of normal life back home often build morale, remind them that they are important to the country and keep them connected to regular events. Adopting a military pen pal requires only a small effort. Best of all, military pen pals don't even need a pen; email, social network sites and other technology makes it easy.

Select a website through which you would like to connect with a military serviceperson, if you don't have a family member or friend to whom to write. Many of these sites provide a connection based on location or branch of the military.

Send the service person you select a letter. All letters must be addressed to a particular service person. The military will not accept mail addressed to "Any Service Member." If you decide to include a package along with your letter include hand soap, shampoo, toothpaste, cards, board games, puzzle books, DVDs, CDs and magazines.

Be patient as it may take two to three weeks to receive a response.

Write back. Once you receive a response, write back promptly. If it's easier, use email for further correspondence, or connect via social networking sites.