How to Donate Old Magazines to Soldiers

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Many soldiers work long hours, and stay awake for extended periods. A magazine provides entertainment when they cannot sleep. Magazines that are not offensive, do not feature inappropriate items and that are in good condition can be sent to soldiers.

1 Mail your magazines to Soldiers' Angels

Mail your magazines to Soldiers' Angels. Soldiers’ Angels requests that magazines be recent and in good condition. They do not accept pornography or inappropriate topics. The organization sends the magazines to soldiers the website has "adopted" to receive items.

2 And apply to volunteer

Register and apply to volunteer for the “Books for Soldiers” program. You must fill out an application -- and have it notarized -- before sending items to the troops. The group supplies addresses, allowing you to mail your magazines directly to the troops. Many people include a personal letter, or other items a soldier might need.

3 Visit the Noanie ” website

Visit the “Noanie” website, and read the soldier's wish lists of items. Different units post lists of items they are seeking; many include magazines, food items, DVDs and toiletries. Select a unit, and send an email to the listed address to request the unit's shipping address.

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