How to Donate Coupons

Cut manufacturer's coupons -- even for products you don't use -- to benefit others.
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Donating coupons is a way to support charities, the less fortunate and military families -- without requiring an actual cash donation. Various organizations accept manufacturer's coupons to support those who may appreciate the discounts; check with local social-service organizations first to help benefit needy people in your community.

1 How to Donate Coupons

Clip manufacturer's coupons -- those that are good at any store that accepts coupons, rather than store- or restaurant-specific offerings -- and separate the coupons into stacks of food and non-food items. Separate them more specifically, such as pet food or baby-care items, if you're collecting quite a few coupons for one or several organizations. Call or visit local organizations such as family shelters, soup kitchens or employment-service offices to ask if they accept donated coupons for those in need. Some organizations also accept coupons for military families; in some cases, even coupons less than 30 days past expiration are still accepted in military commissary or department stores. Read the "about us" page on groups sending coupons to military families overseas to pick the recipient organization that sounds best to you.

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