Follow proper etiquette when writing to a mayor.

When addressing a letter to someone with a title, it's important to follow proper etiquette. For example, if the letter is meant for a government official, such as a mayor of a city, you should include his title in the appropriate way to indicate respect for him and for the position.

Write "The Honorable" or "Honorable" on the first line, followed by the mayor's first and last names. For example, "The Honorable John Doe."

Skip a line. Below the mayor's name, write "Mayor of ___" and include the city or town that the mayor serves. For example, "Mayor of Anytown."

Skip a line. Below "Mayor of ___," write the city, state and ZIP code. For example, "Anytown, VA 12345."


  • You can write "City Hall" on the line in-between "Mayor of __" and the line that includes the city, state and ZIP code if the mayor is stationed there.

    When writing the salutation, write "Dear Mayor Doe," using the last name only.

    The format is the same for the inside address (on the letter) and the envelope.