Access a variety of your Navy information through BUPERS Online.

The BUPERS Online website is useful for all Navy active-duty military members. BUPERS Online provides a way for active-duty Navy members to access a number of Naval Personnel Command applications such as orders, your official military file, your personal service record and selection and promotion board information. Once you log into BUPERS Online, you can go from application to application without logging into each secure site. You can access BUPERS Online from home or work.

From Home

Go to the BUPERS website.

Type in your Social Security number, no dashes, for your login ID and your birthday in the YYYYMMDD format for your password. For example, if your birthday is September 23, 1976, you would type “19760923.”

Click “Log On.”

Click “OK” to accept the warning statement that you are accessing a U.S. government website and to acknowledge you are a U.S. government employee.

Enter a new password for your account when prompted. Your password must be at least 14 characters and have at least two lower-case letters, two upper-case letters, two numbers and two special characters. This is your password from now on, rather than your birthday.

Enter your password one more time on the second line and click “Submit.”

Enter your personal information and pick a question to answer in case you forget your password. Type the answer to the question and click “Update Info.”

From Work

Insert your Common Access Card (CAC) into the card reader on the Navy Marine Corps Internet (NMCI) computer. Your CAC is your military ID card issued when you join the military.

Type in your PIN and click “OK” to log on.

Go to the BUPERS website.

Click “CAC Login.”

Things Needed

  • ['Internet', 'Social Security number', 'Common Access Card']


  • You will not be able to access all BUPERS Online applications from a home computer.