To join the world of the "Playgirl" centerfold, a man has to be fit, attractive and well-endowed. He must also be older than 18, personable and full of sensual appeal. "Playgirl," the most prominent source for erotic male photography, is an Internet-based enterprise with nude photos of men ranging from steamy to scorching hot. Following the footsteps of the models isn't easy, but lots of opportunities follow for those who make the cut.

Ensure that you're up to "Playgirl's" physical standards. "Playgirl" models are very muscular and usually well-endowed, as well as handsome. Exacting grooming standards and a good fashion sense will help garner extra notice.

Use sexy poses for your sample pictures. "Playgirl "models show everything off, so there's no room for modesty. Poses that emphasize the derriere, abs and arm muscles are always a big hit; most models opt for a full frontal shot in both the relaxed and aroused state, so be ready.

Enter male glamour-modeling contests, such as the Campus Men competition, which give young men visibility and can garner an eventual "Playgirl" shoot. These contests can also bring additional work in commercials, calendars and other media.

Contact photographers who have worked with "Playgirl" before. Often, they'll have connections with the editors and can get your foot in the door. Shooting with photographers known to "Playgirl" will also help teach you proper glamour-modeling technique.

Contact "Playgirl" directly and submit photos to an editor. This is a good method if you already have an existing portfolio, or you're just an amateur. If nothing else, the editorial staff can, perhaps, give recommendations for how to improve your chances of being in the magazine.

Be gracious and humble. A haughty attitude isn't attractive to "Playgirl's" readers. Since many of the models develop a fan following, personality and intellect become quickly apparent. "Playgirl" loves to work with men who are polite to fans and who love women, not arrogant or vain models.