Welding is an extremely important occupation. It is used in every manufacturing industry and transitions across the country and the world. There are many types of welding to consider, and you should find a welding school to fit your educational and career needs. Use these steps to learn more about welding and how to attend welding school.

Decide on the type of welding you want to learn. There are many different types of welding to consider when thinking about your career and the welding school that would support that career. While you will learn many of the styles of welding from any program, the types of welding to choose from can include plastics welding, underwater welding and the many variations of metal welding.

Research welding schools. There are welding schools and welding programs in colleges and universities all over the country. Pick a school that has the program you are looking for and operates like a standard educational facility (they should offer financial aid). Consider the certifications. You should leave the welding school with some, if not all, of the welding certifications needed in your area so you will be ready to look for a job.

Consider the location you want to be at for school. Location can be decided on whether you want to stay close to the area you already live in, or if you want to work in a different location upon graduation. If this is the case, consider a welding school in the new location and move there ahead of time.

Fill out and submit all required applications, fees and testing requirements. Pick the welding program you want to study at the school of your choice. Though some admissions requirements may vary, you will most likely need to fill out an application and submit it with a fee (usually between $50 and $75) and your high school transcript or one from the last school attended. You may also want to contact the admissions office for other requirements and to schedule a tour of the school.