A Canadian National (CN) rail police officer is a member of a private security company that safeguards the Canadian National Railway. Not all CN rail police officers operate in Canada or are Canadian citizens, however. Some American railway police services, such as those in Illinois and Wisconsin, joined forces with the CN police.


CN rail police perform many of the same tasks as everyday police officers, or in the case of Canada, Mounties. CN rail police enforce laws and pursue and apprehend those suspected of committing crimes related to the railroad. Crimes might include violating other passengers or putting the safety of a train at risk.


CN rail police must be highly analytical, possessing strong judgment and a high degree of integrity. They must be physically capable of performing the job, since they can spend long hours on their feet, or in some cases, partaking in hand-to-hand combat. CN rail police also must know how to operate weapons used to detain criminals.


CN rail police are required to pass multiple physical and psychological tests, as well as complete 60 hours of training. CN rail police also must be certified in the use of lethal and nonlethal weaponry.