How to Customize Google Chrome's Most Visited

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When you open a new tab in Google Chrome, the Most Visited page appears by default. The eight websites you have visited most frequently are displayed in a rectangular grid so you can quickly access them again. If you have stopped frequenting a website shown on this page or wish to hide one from anyone else who uses your computer, Chrome allows you to remove it with a single click.

1 Open a new tab

Open a new tab to reveal the Most Visited page.

2 Hover your mouse over the image of the website

Hover your mouse over the image of the website you wish to remove. A small "X" displays in the top right corner.

3 Click the X

Click the "X" to remove the website from the Most Visited page.

  • If you require more control over the Most Visited page, consider installing a third-party extension like Speed Dial for more customization options. See Resources for a link.

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