Courses in Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical engineers work with aircraft design and function.

Aeronautical engineering is all about aircraft design, manufacture and operation. Becoming an aeronautical engineer involves the intense study of math and science, aircraft performance, aerodynamics, propulsion and aeroelasticity. Aeronautical engineers work in public and private companies and for the government and work with both civil and military aircraft. Those interested in this field of engineering will find colleges across the U.S. offering courses and degrees in aeronautical engineering.


The U.S. Air Force Academy offers a four-year bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering. Students take general education courses along with courses in engineering and aeronautics.Coursework includes aero-thermodynamics, computational aerodynamics, aircraft performance, propulsion, aero-elasticity, flight testing techniques, and aircraft and aircraft engine design. Students admitted to the USAFA must be U.S. citizens or authorized international students, they must be single and have no dependents and be between ages 17 and 23. Applicants must be nominated for admission by a member of congress from their state. Known as cadets, students U.S. Air Force members. All school fees are free and students receive basic pay each month.

USAFA USAFA, CO 80840 719-333-1110

2 UC Davis

University of California, Davis offers a four-year bachelor’s degree in aeronautical science and engineering. Coursework during the first two years of the program includes math, physics, chemistry, English, and basic engineering classes. In the upper levels of the degree program, students take classes in general, mechanical, applied science and aeronautical engineering. They will also take technical and independent study courses and complete an engineering project. Class subjects include propulsion systems, stability, control, aeronautical structures and design of mechanisms and components.

UC Davis Davis One Shields Avenue Davis, CA 95616 530-752-1011

3 Ohio State University

Ohio State University has an undergraduate degree program in aerospace and aeronautical engineering. General education requirements include classes in writing, humanities, history and social sciences. The degree program is designed to help students learn analytical and computational ways to solve aeronautical problems. Students in the program are required to take core coursework in chemistry, English, math, physics and two general engineering classes. Aeronautical degree candidates will study fluid and orbital mechanics, turbomachinery, materials, combustion, flight vehicle control, plasma physics and structural analysis, design and dynamics. Students will also participate in research projects.

Ohio State University Department of Aerospace Engineering 328 Bolz Hall 2036 Neil Avenue Columbus, OH 43210-1276 614-292-2691

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