Many children have an interest in cars, including car-based video games or computer programs. Taking racing car games a step further, car design software for kids allows players to build virtual cars, change paint designs and sometimes race the cars they created.


One way to find car design software for children is on shareware sites. Several racing games allow the player to choose different car models, change the graphics on the car and create his own cars. Look for customizable tracks, engine sizes and wheels.

Licensed Software

At least three commercially available game programs allow children to design cars. Each program also has a race element and offer varying levels of design capabilities. One allows users to use power tools to repair vehicles, as well as painting and applying decals, while another allows basic modifications to body style, chassis and paint color.

Kids CAD Programs

Computer aided design (CAD) programs are used by professional engineers to design cars. Kid versions of these programs offer a more complex and realistic design experience for kids. These programs focus more on the design element rather than the racing element of the games. For a child who is more serious about design, a CAD program for kids is a good option.

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