How to Get a Copy of a GED Diploma in Georgia

Earn your GED in Georgia and expand your future.

The GED, or General Equivalency Diploma, was developed by the American Council on Education to provide an alternate route to a high school diploma for veterans returning from World War II. Since that time, millions of Americans have taken the GED test to acquire their diploma. The GED consists of five subject areas that, when passed, provides proof that the test taker possesses the same academic skills of a high school graduate. In the state of Georgia, you can obtain a copy of your diploma by filling out a simple form and paying the necessary fees.

Obtain the GED diploma request form by visiting the Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Education’s website at Click the link for “GED Transcript/Diploma” to download and print the PDF version of the request form.

Write in your current name and your legal name at the time you took the GED test. Provide your mailing address, Social Security number and date of birth. You will also need to provide your phone number and an email address if you have one just in case the form processor has a question.

Provide the name of the Georgia testing location where you took the GED test and the year you tested. Indicate whether or not you passed the exam and what year the original GED diploma was issued.

Place an “x” next to the field “Replacement GED Diploma” and indicate how many copies you would like to receive. Provide the mailing address where your GED should be sent. Sign and date the request form.

Place the completed request form in an envelope along with a check or money order for the replacement cost of the diploma. As of April 2010, the cost is $8.00. Mail the form and payment to the Technical College System of Georgia.

Office of Adult Education GED Testing Program 1800 Century Place, Suite 300B Atlanta, Georgia 30345

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