How to Get the Name on a High School Diploma Changed

Realizing your name was spelled wring, after receiving your diploma, can be cause for concern.

A name change can occur through marriage, divorce or the act of wanting to change one's given name. In addition, having your name spelled incorrectly on documents, such as diplomas, can cause problems down the road. Regardless of the reason for a name change or correction, getting your name properly spelled on a diploma needs to be done to ensure that your past education is correctly credited to you.

Contact the institution that issued you the diploma. Ask if there is a fee associated with having a diploma reissued due to a name change. Make note of the fee and make sure to write a personal check or obtain a money order for the full amount. Send a letter to the administration office or the registrars office for higher education facilities. Explain in your letter the reason for the re-issue request. State specifically whether the request is being made due to an error on the schools part, or if you need a replacement issued with your revised name. Make sure you indicate how the name should appear on the re-issued diploma.

Include, with your letter, any verification of your name showing the proper spelling. For misspelled names, include a copy of your birth certificate, driver's license or other government-issued identification. For name change requests, make sure to include a copy of your original diploma and documentation showing your original name, along with copies of any court issued or accepted paperwork stating your new name, such as marriage certificate or name change court order. Make sure to include a copy of identification, such as a drivers license or social security card, also showing your revised name.

Follow up with the institution in four to six weeks regarding your request. Phone, email or send another letter to make sure that your request for a replacement diploma is being processed, and ask a representative to contact you with a status update or to inform you if additional documentation is required.

  • Do not request a replacement diploma for use by anyone other than yourself.
  • Keep your diploma in a safe and secure location.
  • Make a copy to use on a regular basis, while keeping the original stored, safely.