Handprint art provides a keepsake of your child's preschool years.

It's common for preschoolers to go through as many outfit changes in a day as actors in a play. Maybe your little diva can't stand to have a single blemish on her outfit or perhaps your future surfer dude refuses to wear anything but shorts and tank tops, even in the dead of winter. Clothing crafts are a fun way to interact with your preschooler while teaching concepts about clothing. You might even breathe new life into some old or stained items in the process.

Tie Dye

Breathe new life into stained T-shirts, underwear or pajamas with a fresh coat of tie dye. Prepare all the materials ahead of time, allowing your preschooler to participate in the process by tying rubber bands on his shirt and creating his own design with colored dies. Cover surfaces with disposable table cloths or newspaper to prepare the work area. Don't forget those rubber gloves to eliminate stained hands. Your preschooler will be proud to don his retro clothes every chance he gets.

Handprint Tee

It's easy to get sentimental when you consider how fast your precious child is growing. Soon those little hands won't fit so snugly into yours. Commemorate this special time by creating a hand print T-shirt that you can cherish long after his hands have outgrown yours. Keep the design simple with one or two basic hand prints or get creative by making hand print animals and seasonal items. You could also use foot prints and thumb prints. Let your preschooler contribute by brainstorming possible ideas together.

Puff Paint

Puff paint is easy to squeeze out and doesn't create a huge mess like some crafty projects. When the paint dries, it offers a bumpy texture that kids appreciate. Get creative with your preschooler by decorating a T-shirt, hat, visor, headband or socks with puff paint. Let his imagination run wild as you brainstorm ways to brighten up an otherwise boring item of clothing. Offer your artist abilities if your preschooler needs help. What better way to brush up on your drawing skills than to perfect your T-Rex or flying fairy?

Clothing Collage

If you've ever found yourself arguing with your preschooler about why he can't wear sandals when there's a foot of snow on the ground, you might benefit from this simple craft project. Teach your preschooler about weather-appropriate clothing for any season by creating a collage to use for reference. Stick to the current season or create a collage for every season. Gather old magazines and catalogs and help your preschooler cut out different examples of clothing. Glue them onto a colorful piece of paper. Laminate or cover with clear contact paper to make the project last.