Christian Newsletter Ideas

Putting together a newsletter is hard work, but it can be a great way to get information into a community. Christian newsletters can be used to spread the word of God, or to get people involved with the church and let them know about what is going on. Having a firm idea of the type of newsletter you want will help you with the rest of putting it together.

1 Name

Choose a name that is catchy and simple so people can remember it. For example, if your newsletter name is simply "The Light," that is easy for people to remember. Also, if it is for a church, you may want it to represent the philosophy of your church. If your church is called Cross of Glory, your newsletter may be called "Bearing the Cross." Alliteration is also a good tool when coming up with a name. If the newsletter is based on children in the community, consider calling it "Christ's Kids."

2 Purpose

Your newsletter can have one purpose or many. Keeping people up on church activities is a common purpose. Also, letting people know about Christians nationwide and worldwide is another way that you can go with the newsletter, so Christians can support their brothers and sisters abroad. Having a newsletter that simply tells people about Jesus is another option as well.

3 Sections

The sections of the newsletter are numerous as well. You should have a greeting section that states the purpose of the newsletter. You can insert a calendar so people can stay up-to-date on what and when things are going on. Have a list of the ministries that your church offers so people know what is available. Also, a news and prayer section are essential to any Christian newsletter. You can also have an encouragement section--inspirational quotes and listings of community services--so that people have something to help keep them going through the day, week or month.

4 Format

You can have many formats as well. The amount of content you have and your budget will ultimately determine what format you use. It can be a booklet style if you have lots of information to get out. A pamphlet neatly organizes small bits of information for people on a single sheet of paper. Using a one-sided piece of paper creates a quick way to update people frequently on what is going on.

Natalie Saar began writing professionally at the age of 19. She majored in journalism and her writing has appeared in the magazine "Generation WHY" as well as "The Clause" newspaper. Saar graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a Bachelor of Arts in media and cultural studies.