PTA Bulletin Board Ideas

Parent Teacher Associations work to improve a school's environment, support academic goals and provide educational opportunities that might not be offered when there are limited school budgets. Many parents have busy schedules and cannot attend all the meetings, so they look to the PTA bulletin board for ideas on how to help. Using these boards to their greatest potential will help increase parent and teacher involvement in reaching common goals.


The PTA bulletin board is a valuable tool to open and maintain conversation between the parents and teachers. Include monthly newsletters, minutes from meetings, PTA membership application forms, academic awards or announcements, meeting schedule for the year and any other pertinent information. The board may be the only way many parents are able to keep up-to-date on the PTA's activities.


A well-planned PTA bulletin board will display the ideas, projects, goals and accomplishments of the PTA. The best bulletin boards offer information to the students, teachers and parents, keeping everyone involved.


Use bright colors, bold signs and colorful posters to focus peoples' attention on the bulletin board itself and, subsequently, the information on the board.


The PTA offers information for children and adults. Post information according to the height and eye level of the intended audience. Hang student-related information on the lower half of the bulletin board and parent-focused information at a higher level.

Fun Facts

Including information about community activities will increase the overall sense of community within the school, local businesses and surrounding neighborhoods. Teaching children the power of community cooperation is one of the responsibilities the PTA.