How to Make My Best Friend Feel Better After Her Boyfriend Dumped Her

Cheer her up with a trip to the mall.
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Your best friend just told you that her boyfriend dumped her. Whether it was out of the blue or she knew for some time her relationship was on the rocks, she is terribly upset and her mind is flooded with what she could have done differently. Though you can't exactly mend her broken heart, there are some things in your power you can do to show your concern about her well-being. Several effective strategies can help lift her spirits.

1 Be A Listening Ear

Let your friend vent about her feelings to you and give her the comfort of knowing that you care. Talking to someone can help a person feel less alone during their pain, according to the article, "Coping with a Breakup or Divorce." Thoroughly listen to what she is saying without criticizing her. Embrace her if she begins to cry. She may tell you about negative things her boyfriend said to her. Stay positive and remind her of her strengths, such as her great sense of humor or caring nature. Additionally, suggest that she see a school counselor to further help her.

2 Keep Her Mind Busy

Get her out of the house to have some fun with you. It does not mean that she won't think about her breakup but it can help her to focus on other things, according to the TeensHealth article, "Getting Over a Break-Up." Think of what your friend likes when selecting an activity. Perhaps you can catch a movie. Stay away from any romantic movies as you do not want to remind her of her breakup. Instead, go see an action or adventure film. Or, maybe your friend could use some retail therapy. Hit the mall. Treat your friend to a new pair of earrings.

3 Get Her Up And Active

Have her join you for some physical activity as a way to distract her. It will help to promote feel-good chemicals in her brain and put her in better spirits. Exercise can decrease any stress she is experiencing and boost her self-esteem, explains TeensHealth. Suggest to her that you go to the park. Briskly walk around the trail or tell her to bring along her bicycle and cycle together. Or, engage her in a game of volleyball or basketball. Alternatively, take her to the community pool. Have a friendly competition and see who can swim the most laps.

4 Tickle the Funny Bone

Giving your friend a dose of laughter just might bring a smile to her face and help her to not dwell on being dumped. Laughter minimizes stress hormones and releases endorphins in the body, according to psychotherapist Jenise Harmon in her Psych Central article, "10 Easy Ways to Lift Your Mood." Do your best to get her to laugh. Perhaps you can invite her over to watch a marathon of comedy shows. Or, buy her a book filled with comical jokes to read. Maybe you both can attend a karaoke event. Take turns belting out tunes and show off some silly dance moves.

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