What Can I Do to Help My Boyfriend Be Less Stressed Out?

Nature can serve as a calming aid to help your boyfriend relax.
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If the pressures of life are taking a toll on your boyfriend and he's often feeling stressed out when you're around him, there are some simple things you can do to help him relax. Take him on a peaceful getaway, do something to make him chuckle and otherwise find ways to help soothe his mood.

1 Lighten His Load

Offer to assist your boyfriend with the stresses in his life. Ask him how you can be of assistance. If he's concerned about failing a subject you're proficient in, offer to tutor him. Your boyfriend may find himself in a frenzy during finals week and will appreciate you taking care of his basic needs so that he can focus on studying. Bring him his favorite meal, help clean up his place or do his laundry. Maybe, he's stressed, tired and aching from a demanding job. If this is the case, consider giving him a massage to help melt away the stress.

2 Exercise Together

Invite your boyfriend to exercise with you. Being active can help put him in a more relaxed mood; it can also be beneficial to his physical and mental health. Exercise has proven therapeutic effects and can help decrease anxiety. According to Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D., in her article, "15 Reasons to Exercise," exercise can help clear the mind and can help a person figure out solutions to stress with a renewed sense of energy. Aerobic exercises can help improve mood by releasing endorphins. Have your boyfriend join you for a swim or tell him to grab his bike and cycle around the park together.

3 Enjoy the Outdoors

The next time your boyfriend becomes stressed, change his environment by taking him somewhere to relish in the relaxing aspects of nature. Surrounding one's self with colors of green and blue can have a calming effect, according to the article, "How to Stay Cool Under Pressure," by Preston Ni, writing for "Psychology Today." Drive your boyfriend to a nearby park. Sit down to eat a picnic lunch and take in the scenery. The calmness of the serene outdoors may help clear his mind and melt away the stress. Take a walk around the park together and encourage him to release his stress by taking deep breaths. Breathe out the bad and breathe in the good!

4 Make Him Laugh

Planning ways to tickle your boyfriend's funny bone when he's stressed out can be beneficial in reducing his stress. Studies support the notion that laughter excites the immune system and counteracts the effects of stress hormones, according to Cathy Malchiodi, Ph.D., writing for "Psychology Today." Invite your boyfriend over for a movie marathon of the funniest comedy flicks to encourage laughter. Or, head to the movie theater and catch a new romantic comedy. Consider gifting him with a jokes book to read when he's feeling stressed. Or, simply remind him of funny memories you have shared together to get him to chuckle.

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