How to Do Bottom Liner

Avoid the dreaded raccoon eyes by applying liner correctly.
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When applied expertly, liner helps your eyes pop. Bottom liner is an inexpensive tool to make your eyes seem fuller and larger than they really are. On the flip side, if you apply eyeliner to your lids incorrectly, especially the lower lids, you can end up looking like a hot mess instead of your favorite hot celebrity. You don't need a trendy makeup artist and the latest tools to expertly line your lower lids. Instead, take a deep breath, give yourself a few minutes to fix some mistakes, and you're guaranteed to master the art of lining your lower lids in no time.

Dampen a cotton swab with plain water and wipe down your lower lid. Don't use soap, or suffer the familiar sting. Allow your eye to dry completely before continuing.

Determine the width of the line you're after. A liquid eyeliner provides a thinner line that cannot be blended or smudged. Create a thin or thick line with a pencil eyeliner. You can also blend a pencil eyeliner on the lower lid with the eyeshadow or liner on the upper lid.

Pull down on the skin below your lid gently. Steady your arm, look into the mirror and start lining your lower lid from the outer corner, just under the lashes. If using a liquid eyeliner, continue lining the lid from the outer corner to just before the inner corner. For a more subtle look, grab a pencil liner and stop at the midpoint of your lid. Blend the pencil liner with a cotton swab or a foam eyeshadow applicator. If you're after drama, line the entire lid, but stop just before the inner corner.

Check your eye and remove any smudges or mistakes with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover. Allow the eyeliner to set for one or two minutes before continuing.

Apply the remainder of your eye makeup, including mascara. The mascara will draw attention to your eyeliner, so apply the liner flawlessly before adding mascara or you'll have to start from square one.

  • Never create a circle around your upper and lower lids with a liquid or pencil eyeliner. This look isn't hot, and will actually make your eyes appear smaller.

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