Those with a degree in business retail management may find careers in the retail industry.

The Bachelor of Science degree in business retail management is a business management degree with a focus on the retail industry. A concentration in retail management will educate you on the service industry with a focus on retail management. To pursue a degree in business retail management, you will take such courses as product or brand management, retail personnel management and retail operations.

Degree Requirements

With no previous college credit, you can expect to focus on completing roughly 120 credits in pursuit of your undergraduate degree. General studies courses will account for roughly 60 credits, while the remainder will focus on the core degree program. You will need to complete approximately 40 classes; each course you complete will typically earn you three credits. If you have no college credit, you will need about four years to complete your undergraduate degree. If you have previous college credit or an associate degree, it may take less time to complete the degree.


Admissions criteria will vary depending on the school. Upon entering college, you will be expected to have a high school diploma or its equivalent. Enrollment advisers will also request transcripts from all of the schools you attended. Many schools and colleges have an open enrollment policy where they do not require entrance exams; however, many open enrollment schools have entrance assessments. Schools without open enrollment may require ACT or SAT scores, a personal essay and letters of recommendation. You may find that nonprofit colleges and universities are the best value, while for-profit universities provide the most flexibility if you are a working adult.

Employment and Wages

If you use your degree to enter the retail industry, the highest levels of employment are in general merchandise, grocery and clothing stores, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Within the United States, the highest levels of employment for first-line supervisors tend to be in states where there are large populations. The BLS notes that the highest annual mean wage within the retail industry can be found in Rhode Island, with $48,320, at the time of publication.

Roles and Responsibilities

With a degree in retail management, you may find a variety of career options available. Depending on the size of the organization and whether you work in the retail outlet or corporate headquarters, you can find such jobs as assistant store manager, store manager and retail buyer. Along with a degree in business retail management, if you seek a job in the retail industry, focus on acquiring skills and abilities that will benefit employers. For example, experience in retail management, sales or customer service will enhance your marketability.