What Is Auto Brightness on an iPad?

The iPad contains an ambient light sensor that helps automatically adjust the display's brightness.
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Auto-brightness is a feature built into iOS on the iPad that helps save battery life by automatically adjusting the brightness of the screen. Your iPad's screen will automatically get brighter and easier to see in bright-light settings and will dim automatically in low-light settings. The setting can be turned on and off if you'd rather control the brightness of the screen yourself.

1 Sensing the Light

The iPad has an ambient light sensor built in. This sensor detects the level of light when you're using the device. If you have the auto-brightness setting turned on, the ambient light sensor will control the iPad display's brightness settings automatically. You should notice the screen brightness adjust on its own when moving from bight-light to low-light settings.

2 Turn It Off

If you'd rather control the display's brightness yourself, you can find the settings by tapping on "Settings" and then "Brightness and Wallpaper." You can turn auto-brightness on and off and use the slider to change the brightness of your display. You'll have to manually adjust the brightness each time if you turn the feature off. You may notice a decrease in battery life, as well.

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