The Optimal Router Settings for an iPad

The settings on your router can affect iPad performance.
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All Apple iPad models come with Wi-Fi capabilities built in, so you can connect to wireless Internet networks. If your router is configured with default settings, however, you might experience slow speeds when using apps or browsing the Web. By adjusting the router settings, you can reduce load times and improve video streaming, download speeds, and app performance.

1 Apple's Recommended Settings

Apple lays out specific settings that help Apple devices like the iPad work efficiently. If you are using a 2.4 GHz router, set it to 802.11b/g/n. For a 5 GHz router, use 802.11a/n. Apple also recommends that you adjust the router settings to select a channel automatically; that way, it can choose the option with the least traffic.

2 Channel Width

If you use your iPad to stream video, adjusting the channel width can improve performance. Wider channels allow data to move faster, resulting in better iPad speeds. Usually, routers are set to adjust the channel width automatically. According to PC Magazine, you can increase speed by setting your channel to the widest possible setting.

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