How to Apply Liquid Gel Liner

Use liquid gel eyeliner to create many looks.
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Liquid eyeliner is known for its staying power and versatility. Using liquid eyeliner can be tricky, especially for beginners. Once you master it, applying it becomes easy and fun, allowing you to be a bit more creative than using powder or pencil liners. Liquid liner also creates precise, even lines that don't smudge or run. Liquid gel eyeliner stays on all day, and some brands are even waterproof. Create a cool cat-eye effect or line the top and bottom lashlines to add depth.

Line the bottom lashline with a kohl pencil. With a steady hand, use short dashes instead of long sweeping lines, and overlap to connect them. This is easier than drawing one long line. Get close enough to the lash line that you are moving the lashes while you draw the line. Make the line as thick or thin as you like.

Use longer strokes to line your top lashline with the liquid gel eyeliner as close to where the lashes begin as possible, and moving outward. For a cat-eye look, add a wing by flicking your eyeliner upward to create a small, upturned point at the end of your line. Don't line your entire lash line because this closes the eye in. Stop the line at the halfway mark, using your pupil as a guide.

Correct any mistakes you've made with either types of liner by using a cotton swab dipped in eye makeup remover to gently erase mistakes. Add more eyeliner if you want a thicker line, or remove some if you like a thinner style. Smudge the lines a bit with your fingers to create a smokier look, blending it into your shadow.

  • Skip the liquid eyeliner on the bottom lashline, and use the kohl instead. Liquid is only recommended for the top lashline and used for dramatic looks.
  • If you have shaky hands, try resting your chin in your hands to steady yourself while you apply your eyeliner.

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