How to Accessorize a Charcoal Gray Dress

Gray is the new black for dresses.
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Charcoal gray dresses are fun and easy to wear because they're so versatile. In fact, gray has so much style potential that Redbook calls it the "new little black dress." A charcoal gray dress provides the perfect foundation piece for a variety of necklaces, scarves, and belts. You can be bold with colorful accessories or more demure by layering with silver or pewter pieces.

1 Tonal Accessories

Nothing says elegant like tonal accessories that command attention. Add a dark gray or silver belt to a light gray dress and drape varying lengths of silver-toned necklaces for dimension. Slip into a pair of charcoal pumps, and you'll appear to be surrounded by a heather mist. If it's chilly out, top your frock with a fitted black blazer and carry a matching satchel or clutch.

2 Colorful Additions

As a neutral, gray looks good with any bright color, so you can go as bold as you want. If you're in a sunny mood, add a scarf at the neckline in a vibrant yellow or tangerine. If you're feeling a little wild and sexy, wrap yourself in a bright red belt and slide into some red high heels. When the occasion calls for a bolder look, add a chunky necklace in a primary color or stack some bangles for impact. You also can add a handbag in a vivid shade like turquoise or hot pink; if you're wearing bold jewelry, try for a neutral bag in black or gray.

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