Many school districts allow students into their schools even if the students are located outside the school district. In order for this to occur, schools develop guidelines and rules regarding this subject. Every school has different rules about these policies. Many schools require letters of request from parents of students wanting to attend school in a different district.

Step 1

Find out the school's policies by talking to the superintendent. He most likely will suggest that you write a letter explaining yourself in order to be considered. When you write the letter, address it to the superintendent's office.

Step 2

Begin the letter with general details. Be sure to include all of the necessary information as instructed by the superintendent's office. This generally includes the child's name, age and grade. It should also include your address and the school district the child is supposed to attend or was attending previously.

Step 3

Include a purpose. In the beginning of the letter, clearly indicate your purpose for writing by saying you are requesting that your child be admitted into this school. Be sure to include the fact that this school is located outside of your normal district. When stating this request, avoid sounding like you are making a demand.

Step 4

Explain the reason for the request. Among the possible reasons, the child could be having trouble or there might be too much crime in your local district. Indicate any benefits the student might receive from changing schools. If he is a good student or athlete, include the benefits the school will receive by allowing him to attend.

Step 5

Include your contact information. After the request is made, include your contact information and a request that you be contacted soon to discuss and hopefully resolve this matter. Sign your name and mail it to the school.