Women's Christian Retreat Ideas

Christian women's retreats held close to nature give ladies a time of spiritual refreshing.

Christian women enjoy participating in retreats and love a variety of creative ideas. Because of the busy pace of life, work, husbands, children and church responsibilities, they appreciate the opportunity to take a break from their daily routines, spend time with other women and reconnect with God. Christian women's retreats provide this much-needed respite. A variety of ideas keeps retreats from becoming stale over the years. Church ministry leaders often use a specific retreat theme or topic as a hook to draw the women into the excitement of the upcoming event.

1 Plug into the Power

This retreat uses the acronym "P.O.W.E.R." to communicate the theme. P stands for prayer, O is for others, W is for Word (of God), E stands for equipped and R means respond. Skits can communicate these subtopics effectively. Small and large group discussions serve as both ice breakers and a method of conveying the message with power.

2 Dancing in the Drought

This retreat focuses on the topic of rejoicing even in a dry and difficult season of life. It especially relates to the economic challenges many families faced after 2008. Hosted at a local hotel, it includes extra pampering and relaxation or just having coffee with friends. Intermixed with the fun times, guest speakers present messages on knowing God's presence and peace during difficult times. Another topic could be from the books of Ruth or Esther, as they faced and overcame challenges. A time of upbeat worship adds the final touch to this refreshing theme.

3 Encounter Weekend

This retreat addresses the emotional healing of women in such areas as forgiveness, past hurts, thought patterns that do not line up with the Bible and sin issues that have come through the family line. Participants fill out questionnaires to assess which areas specifically need to be addressed. The women meet in one large group to encounter God's presence in times of worship. Then, two team leaders meet with three or four women in smaller breakout sessions to minister to each of these personal areas. This type of retreat is more intense for the participants but offers much healing.

4 Other Ideas

A hind's feet on high places theme uses an object lesson of women leaving heavy burdens, which could represent sin or worry, at lower elevations so they can climb higher. For receiving God's love, each participant receives compliments or small gifts from leaders or other women in attendance. At a retreat with the theme of finding your gifts, the women complete spiritual gift inventory surveys.