Christian Singles Workshop Ideas

Churches can offer helpful workshops for singles.

Being a single Christian man or woman can be trying in modern society. Pressures are strong from non-believers to participate in activities unbecoming a Christian. Offering workshops on living single is a way for the church to assist people in living the right way of life.

1 For Women

A workshop idea for single women can focus on Proverbs 31. The description of the virtuous woman can be used as a guide even for the modern woman. The concepts of trust and seeking good can lead to discussions on what those words mean for a woman seeking a husband. Your attendees can list what good works they have done in their lives and what they would like to achieve. The Proverbs 31 woman's work ethics surround caring for her home and family. These deeds can be made into a group discussion on how they translate into the modern world and their relationship to the preparation for being a wife. A section on mentoring younger women on virtues can be added to the workshop. The Proverbs 31 woman speaks words of wisdom to her daughters and modern single women can do the same for younger Christians. Have your attendees list or outline topics they think would be appropriate for mentoring and have them share their ideas on the subjects.

2 For Men

A workshop for single Christian men can be based on the Biblical book of Galatians. In chapter 5, verse 22, the apostle Paul lists God's Fruits of the Spirit. These characteristics are the definition of the Christian man. The workshop can be divided into nine sections, one on each of the fruits listed. Relationship to everyday life with family, friends and work can be outlined in each of these concepts. Each participant can list situations from their own life as examples of the expression of the fruits. Group discussion regarding modern day application also can occur. In preparation to find a wife, each man can list and discuss how lacking these virtues on either side of the relationship will affect a marriage. In addition, there can be discussion on finding a wife with these values.

3 For Men and Women

The Bible speaks of a man leaving his mother and cleaving to, or staying with, his wife and of being fruitful and multiplying. Therefore, the focus of many single Christians is to find a mate. A workshop can focus on finding that mate and making a successful marriage. The Biblical book of Samuel outlines what a bad marriage is. The story of Abigail and Nabel might be used as an example of what not to do. The mistakes they made and the lack of virtues that lead to their unhappiness can be used as an outline to recognize how straying from the Christian way of life leads to nothing good. The apostle Paul wrote in Corinthians I about what a real marriage should be. Your participants can use this example to compare and contrast to the first story.

Sidney Johns began her writing career in 1993 after moving to Florida. The former teacher and surgical technician worked in the home improvement industry prior to earning a Bachelor of Science in education from Indiana University. While on hiatus in 2004, Johns studied holistic healing and organic growth and gardening.