Bible Study Topics

Bible studies can occur with a group or with a single person.

In the Christian faith, the Holy Bible is essentially a handbook for life. As a result, the topics a Bible study group discusses extend to the issues people face every day. Some Bible study approaches focus the study of particular books, while others look at Biblical passages addressing individual subjects within a broader topic.

1 Psalms and Proverbs

Some Bible study topics revolve around a specific book of the Bible. "Psalms" and "Proverbs" remain popular books to study, as the "Book of Psalms" contains poetic verses of praise, lament and thanksgiving, while the "Book of Proverbs" provides helpful insights on topics ranging from wisdom to iniquity.

2 The Body of Christ

As a Bible study topic, the "Body of Christ" refers to the community of Christian believers. Subjects to cover within this topic include the importance of each part of the body, the purpose of having members meant to perform different tasks and the need for members to work together.

3 Angels

Within the broad topic of angels, a Bible study can cover the different types of angels, the important roles angels played in the Bible and common misconceptions about angels. Additionally, Bible studies about angels can also discuss fallen angels, or demons, and how they affect humanity.

4 Relationships, Marriage and Family

The Bible says a great deal about relationships between men and women, as well as family structure. Many subjects within this realm cause controversy; however, that makes it important to study such subjects. Specific points to consider include respecting your parents, pre-marital sex, choosing a spouse, birth control, homosexuality and divorce.

5 Fellowship

The topic of fellowship primarily deals with the importance of interacting with other members of the faith. Within this topic, explore what the Bible implies about attending church, belonging to a church and engaging in fellowship outside the church walls.

6 Trials

Everyone faces trials, making this topic especially easy to relate to. The biggest concerns deal with why God allows difficulties to come, how to react when trials appear and how to weather the storm. Most Bible studies dealing with trials rely heavily on examples from the Book of Job.

7 Worship and Prayer

Standard Bible studies dealing with worship look at biblical examples of people praising God with music, but a broader view of worship includes any activity meant to pay homage to God, such as writing and art, in addition to music. Study of prayer often includes examples of prayer or instructions for prayer in the Bible, especially in the New Testament.

8 Evangelism

The New Testament in particular provides information on evangelism. Explore what the term means and how God calls Christians to evangelize, searching through the New Testament for information. Look for verses that discuss how to properly evangelize, and what to avoid doing.

Caitlynn Lowe has been writing since 2006 and has been a contributing writer for Huntington University's "Mnemosyne" and "Huntingtonian." Her writing has also been in "Ictus" and "Struggle Creek: A Novel Story." Lowe earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Huntington University.