How to Get the Wi-Fi Password for AT&T U-verse

U-Verse uses the AT&T network to deliver high speed Internet.
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The AT&T U-Verse broadband Internet service uses a gateway device, which creates a private wireless network. Computers and mobile devices need to have the proper settings and password in order to connect to this signal. The default Wi-Fi password and other details are conveniently printed on the side of the gateway. However, if this information is not visible or you have changed the settings, you can also use your computer browser to find the password.

1 Locate the Default Password

2 Look

Look at the side of your AT&T U-Verse gateway. Locate a white sticker with several barcodes and numbers. This sticker contains information about the default network name and password.

3 Note the last three digits serial number

Note the last three digits serial number, which is marked "SN." Your Wi-Fi network name is a combination of "2WIRE" and these three numbers. For example, if your serial number is 145511100110, the U-Verse network name is "2WIRE110" without quotation marks.

4 Write down the ten-digit number

Write down the ten-digit number that is contained in brackets, such as [4119627022]. On some U-Verse devices, this number is also labelled "Wireless Network Key." Use this number as your Wi-Fi password.

5 Locate the Modified Password

6 Launch the Web browser on your computer

Launch the Web browser on your computer. Type "" (omitting quotation marks) in the address bar and press "Enter." The U-Verse interface page appears.

7 Locate the Top

Locate the "Top Networking Features" area and click on "Wireless."

8 Note the text

Note the text in the "Network Name (SSID)" field. This is your name of your U-Verse network. Edit this text to change the network name, if you wish.

9 Scroll

Scroll down to the "Security" section. Look at the "Wireless Key" field. If the Wi-Fi password has changed from the default setting, it normally appears in the "Use Custom Wireless Network Key" area.

10 Click

Click on "Use Custom Wireless Network Key" if you wish to change your Wi-Fi password. Enter your desired custom password in the field.

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