Apple part numbers help you to identify the precise specifications of your Mac. Many MacBook Pro models are physically identical, making the part number a useful way of telling one version from another. However, MacBook Pro part numbers are not printed on the chassis of the machine and cannot be found through the device's operating system. To find your MacBook Pro's part number you look up the device by its serial number in the Mactracker application, which lists comprehensive specifications on all Apple products.

Finding The Number

To display the MacBook Pro's serial number, click on the “Apple” toolbar icon, select “About This Mac” and then double-click on the text showing the device's operating system version. Make a note of the serial number. Next, visit the Mactracker website (link in Resources) and download the appropriate version of Mactracker for your device. Open the application and enter your MacBook's serial number into the search field. Mactracker will display an overview of your Mac's specifications. Double-click on the MacBook icon to view the device's full specification. The part number is shown in the “Model Number” field.