How to Reset the Pairing List on a BlueAnt Bluetooth

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The BlueAnt Bluetooth device has limited space for storing pairing information, which means that if you connect the device to too many phones, you may run out of room for additional pairing data. When this occurs, you hear the message "The Pair List Is Full" spoken in your ear. To solve this problem, reset the BlueAnt, and then re-pair it to your phone. This clears the old pairing data and enables you to link the device to more phones.

1 Turn on the BlueAnt device

Turn on the BlueAnt device, but do not connect it to any nearby devices. Slide the power switch on the back to the "On" position, indicated with a green marking.

Access the Bluetooth menu on your phone. Disconnect the Bluetooth link from your phone, and then delete the saved paring information. The exact procedure for this step varies depending on your phone.

Reset the BlueAnt device. Press and release the "Vol +," "Vol -" and "Multi-Function" buttons all at the same time. The volume buttons are located on the side of the BlueAnt, while the Multi-Function button is on the front. The BlueAnt resets and clears the existing pairing list.

Pair the BlueAnt device with your phone. Place the BlueAnt in your ear, and then listen for spoken instructions about how to complete the pairing process.

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